AnyOSZip - FAQ

Why is it called AnyOSZip?

It can seem like a complicated name, but it is logical: AnyOSZip is a zip program, and because of it is written i Java, it can run under any OS.

Can I zip with wildcards?

Yes! You can write something like *.gif *.jpg *.png in the filename field. If the "Search in subfolders" checkbox is selected AnyOSZip will find matching files not only the the current directory but also in subdirectories. I think it is pretty cool function, I don't know any other similar application which can do it.

What is the SFX creator?

SFX creator creates self-extracting executables from zipfiles. The self-extractors are cross-platform, in JAR format, so with a Java runtime they can be launched from any operating system. Create SFX once, run anywhere!

Can I change the appearance?

Yes, see the instructions for LAFLoader. LAFLoader is included in AnyOSZip from version 3.4.

The internal text viewer shows text with wrong character set (encoding)?

The internal text viewer shows by default a text with the same character set as is the default on the running platform. You can change this.

Start PrefsEdit and lookup the node UserRoot/net/perholmberg/anyoszip. Add a key named TextViewerCharset and set the value to the name of the character set (encoding) you want to use. For example, the value can be utf-8.

This works from version 3.4 of AnyOSZip. For earlier versions, you specify the TextViewerCharset value in the file

How do I do a complete uninstall of AnyOSZip?

  1. Startup AnyOSZip. Select File, Delete private data.... Select OK.
  2. Delete the anyoszip.jar file.
  3. If you have created shortcuts, associations and other things on your own, you have to delete these things on your own as well.
  4. Done!

Where is version 2.x?

Version 2.x was the AWT-based, Java 1.1-compatible version of AnyOSZip. Version 3.0 introduced a Swing interface, but I kept maintaining the 2.x series for a while. Late 2.x and early 3.x versions used the same backend, but for version 3.4 the backend was updated into a state not compatible with Java 1.1, a compatibility which was kind of the point of maintaining the 2.x series. Contact me if you are interested in version 2.x of AnyOSZip.