AnyOSZip is a graphical tool application to create, explore, modify and extract zip files. Cross-platform self-extractors can be created.

Version: 4.0 (build 20050717)
Language: English/Swedish
Requirements: JRE 1.4 or later
Start command:
java -jar anyoszip.jar
Download: anyoszip.jar (200 kB)


AnyOSZip uses the well-known zip standard from a easy-to-use graphical Swing user interface.

You can add files to your archives with optional compresson level. You choose files by clicking on them or by writing their names. Wildcards are supported. It is possible to zip a whole directory structure.

When you should extract files, you can choose the target directory by finding in a graphical tree or by writing its path. You can choose between to extract selected files, all files or files that match a wildcard expression.

The built-in text viewer views entries in your archives without extracting them.

Latest version

Version 4.0 was released 2005-07-17. Changes: