AnyOSWeb is a web server software using HTTP/1.1 and servlets. The program is freeware.

Version: build 20050923
Requirements: Java 1.4 standard edition
Start command:
java -jar anyosweb.jar [-gui | -monitor]
Download: anyosweb.jar (100 kB)

What's new?

Build 20050923 released. Changes:

Build 20050827 released. This is the first release since 2003. Changes in brief: Settings are now stored and retrieved through Java's Preferences API rather than files, use PrefsEdit as configuration tool. Included documentation have been heavily extended and improved, now including a configuration guide. Status messages and documents are now in XHTML 1.0 standard. Application can now run one-file without any unzip.


Through the included modules you have the following features:


Download the anyosweb.jar file. Download servlet class files and put them into classpath. Note: Servlet API version must be 2.3. Launch the file from a console window with command java -jar anyosweb.jar. If you use Windows and don't know how to work with consoles, a doubleclick on the file will work (but not show any output). The web server will immediately boot up with default settings. If the documentation is not automatically shown, open web browser and go to to enter it. Reading the documentation you will learn how to use and configure AnyOSWeb.

If server start fails, if documentation is unreachable, check that you have the right to use port 80 and no other program is using it. Contact me if problem persists.

Security tip: Every computer connected to the Internet should use a firewall.