AnyOSSplits is a program for analyzing split times. The program is freeware; there is no fee for using it.

Version: 2.1
Language: English/Swedish
Requirements: Java 1.4
Download: anyossplits.jar (150 kB)

What is it? - Features

AnyOSSplits allows you to manage and analyze split times, optimized for splits times from orienteering competitions. You can easily insert the split time data into the program using the import feature. In the main window you see a line diagram and a statistics panel. In the line diagram you can clearly see which runner that has missed on which split. You see the score after a certain number of splits, how many split victories a certain runner has, and more. Instead for the diagram you can choose to view the times as a table with information like split rank and time after. The table you can print out pretty formatted or you can export it to (X)HTML. By entering the length of the course the program can guess the length of each split. With the double, powerful choice feature you can choose both which runners that should be calculated in statistics and which of them that should be shown on screen. The flexible, revolutionary document interface (this code) makes it possible to have multiple documents opened at the same time in the way you prefer.

You can see the program looks through these screenshots (showing the Swedish edition of the program).


Current version 2.1 was launched 2005-12-10.

Download the application file, save it wherever you wish. If you have Java correctly installed (on Windows) the only thing you need to do is to doubleclick on the jar file for booting the program.

How to import split times

You import the times from the arranger's regular website. The program expects input in the "SportIdent format". Go to the website with the split times. Find the category you want to import. Select from first runner to last runner (please note the instruction for this step!). Choose to copy what you have selected. Switch to AnyOSSplits. Press the import button. Done! A diagram will be shown and you will be asked to enter some additional information.

If the import fails or becomes incorrect: Check that you have made the selection correct in the web browser. If you have done that right, test to remove missing punches and similar things; use whatever text editor or word processor you wish.