Per Holmberg's Java Software

This site is also available in Swedish.

Welcome. This website contains information and downloads of Java software that I, Per Holmberg, have developed. The programs published as either freeware or open-source. If you are unfamiliar with Java, check out the Java FAQ. Read the website FAQ if you want to know more about this website. All kinds of feedback are very welcome; contact me.

The programs

AnyOSSplits is a program for analyzing split times from orienteering competitions. Freeware.

AnyOSWeb is my web server software. A module-based system med servlets support. Freeware.

AnyOSZip is my tool for managing zip files. Freeware.

CharCopy is a small tool for copying textfiles and converting them between different character encodings. Freeware.

Document Interface Library is a software library for developers. The library implements multiple document interfaces. A program that uses the library can easily be switched between the document interfaces. Open source.

PerDoclet is a small program for creating prettier and better documentation with Sun's javadoc tool. Open source.

PrefsEdit is a simple editor for viewing and editing preferences that is read and written through Java's Preferences API. Freeware.

Zuild is a small tool for building zip files with script-alike textfiles. Open source.

Programs in Swedish

The following programs are available in Swedish only. Therefore, the pages about these are in Swedish only as well.

Glosor 2000 is my education program for training foreign words.

Pers kmTid is a small program for cellphones to calculate time per kilometre.

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